Wood TurningWhen people think of woodworking projects, what typically comes to mind is building something that is quite ordinary. This could be a table, chair, a bench, or even a cabinet that they would like to install in their kitchen or a bathroom. However, there are many other unique ideas that you can embark upon, fun filled projects that you can do with would that are not ordinary at all. In fact, once you are done, you will realize how fun woodworking can be by doing what are called woodturning projects. Here are several of the best projects that you can do to pass the time or to simply find out how good you are with crafting projects with would.

What Is Woodturning?

When you are completing projects using what is called woodturning, it is something that is done on a device called a lathe. This is a device in which the wood spins, allowing you to craft it into any particular shape. There are two different ways to do this which involves using what is called spindle turning. The other is called faceeplate turning. The main difference is that the orientation of the wood changes depending upon the tools that are being used. With a spindle, the grain of the wood actually runs lengthwise which is how many of these projects are completed today.

Projects You Can Do With Woodturning

Check out Woodesigner.net for some simple woodworking projects including a birdhouse which is done using this particular technique. These are great for spring projects right before the nesting season. The size of the birdhouse can vary from something very large, to something that is incredibly small. Smaller projects are designed for hummingbirds that simply need to have some place to land in order to get the nectar.

Bowls are also very popular, something that requires quite a bit of skill. You can actually create unique designs inside of the bowls with multi-colored wood, creating unique and mesmerizing patterns. This could be anything from a salad bowl, to a pierced bowl, even bowls that are segmented. Depending upon the amount of time that you have to create these projects, and the tools that you have at your disposal, you can actually finish several projects in a week’s time.

Tools You Will Need

There are several tools that you will need in order to complete these projects. These are referred to as turning tools including gouges specifically designed for woodworking. Gouges are differentiated between rough, spindle and detail, each designed to shape the wood as it spends on the spindle.

Other tools include a bowl gouge which is necessary for creating bowls. A skew chisel, parting tool and a hollowing tool can all be used to create projects like cups and vases. You will need to pick these up at your local home improvement store, or a store that specializes in woodturning. Once you have everything that you need, you can purchase diagrams and schematics to help you get started to accelerate your ability to become a woodturning expert.

Now that you have a better idea of what woodturning is, you can start to collect the tools that you need, the wood for the projects, and of course you will need a lathe. Once you get started, you probably will not want to stop because of how much fun you will have creating these unique woodturning projects.